How does the Bakery work?

Are you curious about the Bakery? In this article you will find everything you need to know about shopping at the BakeryDAO, and learn how to get started!

At its core, the BakeryDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization of researchers, builders, and creators in DeFi. The ecosystem is powered by NFTs, which represent memberships to the DAO. These are additionally used to "token-gate" special research on each of the platforms. At the time of this writing, they are integrated across our website, Discord, Discourse, Snapshot, the Newsletter, Telegram, and finally Shopify.

Our first iteration and layout of the Bakery NFT integration with Shopify features something very cool. Members of the BakeryDAO can visit the Shopify page just like any other shop, but have the option to connect their Ethereum wallet and receive instant benefits! This includes 25% off ALL products listed on the store, and an additional no shipping cost! Users will simply be prompted to sign a message in their Ethereum wallet holding the BakeryNFT, and if applicable, the discount will automatically be activated!

This all works with the application just reading a keccak256 signature generated from the address. The entire process is cryptographically secure, does not incur gas fees, and is very easy to do from a user standpoint!